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Small Businesses Need to Take Advantage of Corporate Layoffs

Jason Hanold was recently quoted in an article saying: “Startups, fast-growth companies have a very positive culture because they have not had to endure organizational crisis experienced at larger companies, such as transformation, shifts in strategies, cut-backs and layoffs, which are words associated with only larger companies,” The article goes on to say that small… Continue Reading

Should You Work For Tech Giants or Wall Street

Jason Hanold was recently quoted in this article, Talent Wars: Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street. There is an interesting change afoot. The most talented workers and college graduates are more attracted to the Silicon Valley lifestyle as opposed to the Wall Street lifestyle. As Jason puts it, “We felt like a Top 40 hit falling down… Continue Reading

Other Factors to Take into Account for Employee Wellness

Wellness programs are intended to promote better health practices among employees. Wellness programs offer users premium discounts, gym memberships, and other rewards to…. well, be healthier. These programs often try and implement practices to help people stop smoking, manage their diabetes, lose weight, or even to go see a doctor. Sometimes it’s the insurance plans… Continue Reading

HR Competencies Necessary in 2014

When done correctly, the human resources function can change lives. It finds and retains the best people in careers they love at great organizations. In essence, it creates a deep sense of satisfaction in the workplace. However, sometimes that mission can be forgotten among all of the tools, strategies and techniques that have somehow complicated… Continue Reading